Meet The Presenters

Kyle Rickards
Kyle RickardsRadio Producer, Presenter & Station Owner/Manager.
Hi, I produce and present Welcome to the Weekend and various other shows for Reclaimed Radio. My show runs 7-9 pm on Friday evenings.
Laura Beth
Laura BethRadio Presenter
Hi, I’m Laura Beth and I’ve been working in the radio industry for around 7 years for various stations and in various capacities. I am a huge music fan and can be found at a gig when I’m not on the radio. I especially love the emerging music scene and that’s what I’ll be sharing with you on my shows from 8pm-9pm. My other loves include Doc Martens, food, animals and football so expect chat about all that and more.
AppoRadio Presenter
Appo was born into a musical family and as such was always going to live out his life in music, playing many musical instruments his passion is within soulful music and electronica. A full time musical provider, composer, technical music adviser, live and studio remixer.

His working career started in the mid 80’s and was a driving force of the early Electro, hip hop,acid and house music movements in the North East of England. With this he held residencies in clubs such as Blaises, Havana, Henry’s, Faulkners, The Mall, and the now infamous super-club “Sugar Shack”.

Pauline Martindale
Pauline MartindaleRadio Presenter
I started in Hospital Radio way back in the early 70’s at Luton and Dunstable Hospital. At that time we linked up with 5 hospitals, the Lister in Stevenage, Red House in Harpenden, St. Albans City ad the QE2 in Welwyn Garden City.

When I moved to London I became a regular presenter with Whipps X Hospital Radio, and although currently not a regular broadcaster, I am still a member.

I am not a specialist in any area of music, my regular programme when in Luton was “Mid Week Mix Up” which probably gives you an idea of the type of music I play, from Beethoven to The Beatles, and anything in between, all fairly easy on the ear.

My programme title, All Kinds of Everything reflects my wide taste in music.

Andrew Cartmel
Andrew CartmelRadio Presenter
Welcome to the Jazz Lounge. Come in and chill with Andrew Cartmel’s curated collection of forgotten but wonderful film scores, hard edged blues, swamp funk, Memphis soul, torch songs, Italian pop and, yes, a substantial slice of jazz, from Bechet to hard bop. And, yes by golly, this is that Andrew Cartmel — playwright, author of the Vinyl Detective novels, owner and besotted flunky of cats, hi-fi nut (original Quad electrostatic speakers), the mind behind the Doctor Who masterplan… and all that jazz… He has a very large record collection. No one is safe.
J J LeHay
J J LeHayRadio Presenter
Mark Craven
Mark CravenRadio Presenter
Mark presents his eclectic musical tastes across a range of shows, as well as being the resident Quiz Master on a Friday evening!
David Hall
David HallRadio Presenter
David Hall plays tracks from five decades of classic and progressive rock!
Martin Kelly
Martin KellyRadio Presenter
Martin draws on his knowledge of musical theatre to present a one hour weekly programme showcasing the very best of the genre, along with the latest theatre news and a roundup of amateur shows to see in the Northwest.
Stuart Armour
Stuart ArmourRadio Presenter and Producer
Beth Williams
Beth WilliamsRadio Presenter
Williams is an ACADEMY OF COUNTRY MUSIC Top 10 NOMINEE for Best New Female Vocalist of the Year whose songs have charted in Billboard, Cash Box and various European charts through the years. She owns Hill Country Recording Studio on the western slope of Colorado in the USA and is a session singer for studios in Nashville, Texas and Colorado. Clients from around the world contact Beth to sing and demo their songs.
Dave Edwards
Dave EdwardsRadio Presenter
His special love of the 70’s is reflected in his show called ‘That Seventies Sound’ which he produces and presents each and every week. The show is not only heard on Classic Hits Uk, but on other quality radio station’s around the globe.