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Kyle Rickards
Kyle RickardsRadio Producer, Presenter & Station Owner/Manager.
Hi, I produce and present Welcome to the Weekend and various other shows for Reclaimed Radio. My show runs 7-9 pm on Friday evenings.
Tony Korny
Tony KornyRadio Presenter
Tony presents the occasional House of Heavy shows, focusing on Metal and Harder Rock!
Nik Gnomic
Nik GnomicRadio Producer, Presenter. Technician
Nik plays folk, blues, and great non commercial music, and provides technical support.
Mark Craven
Mark CravenRadio Presenter
Mark presents his eclectic musical tastes across a range of shows, as well as being the resident Quiz Master on a Friday evening!
Suzy Keith
Suzy KeithRadio Producer, Presenter.
Suzy produces four internationally syndicated shows and we’re glad to have her on board at Reclaimed Radio. Suzy specialises in Country, Blues and the cream of new international independent artists from around the World.
Dave Edwards
Dave EdwardsRadio Producer, Presenter,
Having grown up in the Sixties, and having experienced the Seventies, he has a genuine love for the popular music of those two decades.
His special love of the 70’s is reflected in his show called ‘That Seventies Sound’ which he produces and presents each and every week. The show is not only heard on Classic Hits Uk, but on other quality radio station’s around the globe.
JennyverseRadio Presenter
Join Jenny for a wide range of musical genres including drum & bass, classical and electronica. When she’s not mixing up the depths of her record collection she can be found eating her way through games on YouTube.
Ross Sutherland
Ross SutherlandRadio Presenter
Hailing from Aberdeen in the far reaches of Scotland, Ross is a real northern soul boy. Join him each Thursday between 7 and 8pm for the best mix of soul, Motown, R&B, hip hop and dance music.

Ross started broadcasting in 2004 when he joined Grampian Hospital Radio and picked up the Best Newcomer Award at theUK Hospital Broadcasting Awards the same year. Over the next 10 years, he managed to convince the committee that he was good enough to present on air and was best known for his unique, “80s, 90s and 00s Show”.

In 2014 he joined the fledgling online station – Only 80s, and presented the much loved, “Mixtape”.

As well as the best mix in music, entertainment news and irreverent gossip, Ross may occasionally mention the fortunes of Aberdeen Football Club, as he believes they need all the support they can get.

David Hall
David HallRadio Presenter
David Hall plays tracks from five decades of classic and progressive rock!
Jim Ferguson
Jim FergusonRadio Presenter
Jim has broadcast on various stations for many years and bring his mix of music to Reclaimed Radio.
Beth WIlliams
Beth WIlliamsRadio Presenter
Beth Williams: Indie Folk Americana Singer Songwriter – Storyteller – Yodeler – Hippie Bohemian Cowgirl who loves to sing and make people happy with her music! Join Beth as she showcases other Indie songwriters and closes each show with one of her own songs!

The Beth Williams Indie Americana Songwriter Show is a 1-hour program showcasing Colorado and Texas songwriters, “Where the Colorado mountains meet the West Texas wind and beyond.”

Purchase Tramadol Cod Fedex